Understanding the AngryFloki Project

AngryFloki is the youngest entrant in the altcoin arena. The inspiration behind this project came from the recent Elon Musk’s Floki trend as well as the angry Birds minigame.

AngryFloki, is a novel token with social conscience, built by the Doge loving team and fully distributed within the crypto community. The long term goals driving this project are focused on finding new initiatives through which active crypto gamers can get worthy incentives from their skills. These incentives can come in the form of passive auto $DOGECOIN rewards or even P2E $AFLOKI rewards for the project’s diamond holders.

The project is uniquely named after Elon’s Floki puppy and the Angry Birds minigame; a combination of the two gives us ‘AngryFloki’, and to take the Doge trend further ahead, users can expect to receive $DOGE rewards, as explained further within the document.

As an added incentive, all holders of the $AFLOKI token will continue receiving rewards via the token buy and sale. These rewards will be distributed to users using the DOGE Vault in the project’s main platform and the process takes place automatically, twice a day (ie. Every 12 hours).

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