What is a Vault?

Vaults serve as a cryptocurrency storage solution that apply a transaction approval process and does not allow funds to get withdrawn immediately. The main goal here is to provide a higher level of security than traditional crypto wallets. Diamond holders know that vaults encourage HODLing, and the long-term benefits to accrue from this strategy are beyond anyone’s expectations, especially in such a volatile cryptocurrency market.

Imagine a world where you get rewarded with the world’s leading Altcoin, $DOGE, just for holding $AFLOKI? Wouldn’t that be an amazing and unmatched feat of crypto innovativeness? Users earn $DOGE by holding the $AFLOKI token. 4% of buy transaction and 6 % of sell transaction are redistributed in $DOGE to Holders with a minimum holding of 250.000.000 $AFLOKI, this process is done automatically and the milage can be observed through our official website dashboard (The gas fee to distribute the $DOGE is paid when there is a buy/sell/transfer of the token).

The entire process is automated. Users get autopaid twice a day and the holders don’t need to manually claim their earned $DOGE, it’s automatically sent to their wallet roughly twice every day.

All $AFLOKI holders share the same DOGE Vault to automatically receive their DOGE and once claiming occurs, the DOGE pool automatically reduces, resulting in a reduction of the DOGE shares.

For users to get a chance to claim maximum rewards from the AngryFloki project, they are encouraged to follow two simple steps:

i. Buy as much $ANGRYFLOKI as they can.

HODL it.

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