The AngryFloki project has dived into a new approach for minigames where their focus is on incentivising gaming. The minigames P2E rewards will be in the form of $ANGRYFLOKI token. Players who complete each stage of the AngryFloki mini games will be rewarded. Each stage has their own difficulty, the higher the difficulty of the stage is the more $AFLOKI token will be rewarded to the players. There are also NFT that will be available to purchase in the marketplace, and these NFTs are integrated to unlock specific characters that have their own unique abilities that will help player complete the stage easier.

This Strategy is crucial because we want to create minigames that are very fun and inspire growth. In addition, the NFT characters that are integrated to the mini games will bring more value to the NFT themselves in the NFT marketplace. With each milestone you hit in the game, great prizes are waiting for you. We are encouraging all budding players to come and challenge themselves on our platform and get a chance to earn from their skills.

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