The Proprietary Doge Vault

The uniqueness of the AngryFloki project lies within its goal to spread wealth among its community. One of the ways this is possible, is through issuing DOGE rewards. Huge allocation of these rewards go to the DOGE Vault and are distributed to the AngryFloki members twice a day automatically. The mileage can be seen through our website’s dashboard.

BuyBack Function

Our unique buyback function is one of the major part of the entire project’s strategy. Through our manual buyback, we are able to keep unprecedented dumps from affecting our client’s investments. In addition, it helps lower the token supply and increase its demand exponentially, resulting in an immediate positive effect on the price. The token bought by the buyback function will be burned afterwards.

NFT + Mini Games

We are coming up with our unique marketplace and the project has already finalized on the demo phase of our proprietary minigames.

Charity Participation

We have opened up a charity fund within our project for us to support animal shelters around the globe. We have set a monthly goal of $8000 which will go to different charities during our scheduled Charity Drives.

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